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E-commerce Shipping Software Vs. Third-Party Logistics Companies

Whether you’re a small or large business, saving the most time and money on your shipping requires the integration of an e-commerce shipping software solution. But while the efficiency of shipping software cannot be disputed, debate still rages on about whether it’s better to hire a logistics company to take care of your shipping processes or implement e-commerce shipping software and take care of shipping logistics yourself. Some business owners who have utilized both are of the view that the only difference is price. Others think that software is the best. But large, successful businesses tend to drift towards logistics companies. Well, if you’re in the dark as to which option to choose, here is a rundown of the services an e-commerce software solution can accord you.

E-commerce shipping software and product shipping analysis

When viewed on the surface, product shipping can seem like a straightforward thing. But when you do a thorough analysis to determine the costs involved, it becomes a matter of just shipping a product from one point to another. For instance, certain aspects, such as warehouse fees, fuel surcharges and load time can determine whether or not your shipping process makes sense in terms of cost. Without the help of logistics software, e-commerce business owners solely rely on shipping companies to inform them of the kinds of shipping options that make economic sense. And this can be the most unreliable source of information because shipping companies will not prioritize helping you cut your business costs as they erode their profit margins. Shipping software helps you determine the cheapest and most efficient carrier yourself.

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E-commerce shipping software and shipping routes

Some e-commerce businesses have their own shipping fleet. Most of these e-commerce businesses deliver products locally. Still, these businesses can take advantage of shipping software to streamline their shipping process. Shipping software can eliminate unnecessary costs from their supply chain and shorten delivering time by discovering the shortest possible delivery route using a wide range of criteria.

E-commerce shipping software and integrated shipping analysis

Besides giving you numerous carrier options, and helping you identify the shortest delivery routes, shipping software could save you time and money by integrating various methods of product production. For instance, while air shipping is an option when it comes to shipping products, it usually plays second fiddle to ground shipping. But the shipping software will reveal that implementing both can bring greater success to your business.


From the entire explanation, you can see that e-commerce shipping software can match and surpass all the benefits of a third-party logistics company. So it’s a good idea to go with e-commerce shipping software to cut your business costs over a 3-party logistics company.