Ecommerce Shipping Software

4 Primary Reasons to Choose Integrated Endicia Ecommerce Shipping Software

When we talk about the oldest and most revered electronic postage provider, Endicia pops to the mind. It’s actually highly rated than Pitney Bowes and And the fact that it was the pioneer of electronic postage services, makes it the most sought after because it has vast experience and expertise in the niche. It actually serves millions of customers today. But what actually makes Endicia the most sought after shipping solution by e-commerce business owners?

  1. Allows easy label printing to manage your shipping online

Endicia comes with options to print your shipping labels. But if they are not compatible with your e-commerce website’s solutions like order management and shopping cart, it can be a problem. It would mean entering your data manually into the system, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. This can lead to order returns, resulting in more dissatisfied customers. And that’s not good for the long-term success of your business. A good shipping solution can effectively communicate to the Endicia API to automate all your shipping processes, enabling you to easily and accurately print shipping labels with their electronic postage.

  1. Integrated Endicia Ecommerce Shipping Software enables quick pack and ship process

Customers feel happy when you can fulfill more orders efficiently and timely. The packaging and shipping process can reduce the number of orders you can fulfill daily. That’s because the process is tedious and involves a lot of logistics. The best shipping software can help you hasten the shipping process by expediting the packing process to allow you to get products to be shipped out of the warehouse quickly.

  1. Integrated Endicia Ecommerce Shipping Software significantly lessens ship order errors

Any experienced e-commerce business owner can tell you that order errors can erode your profit margins. Order errors include shipping the wrong items or shipping an item to a wrong address. All this leads to costly returns. The modern-day customers have an eye out for accurate shipping. An integrated Endicia e-commerce shipping software can help you harness these customers because it enables you to fulfill more orders accurately and timely.

  1. Integrated Endicia Ecommerce Shipping Software allows timely status update

Customers appreciate when they get a heads up on when their shipment is dispatched and when it will reach them. Endicia communicates with your systems, including order management and shopping cart to give you the status of your shipment anytime, anywhere. You can then relay this information to your customers, and that’s how customer satisfaction is achieved.


There should be proper communication between your e-commerce shipping software and your shopping cart and order fulfillment systems to realize efficient and timely delivery of orders. Endicia e-commerce shipping solution helps you achieve just that.